Trio of Black Teas - 3 x 100g Loose Leaf Caddies from English Scene Collection

Product Code : 597


Trio of Black Teas - 3 x 100g Loose Leaf Caddies from English Scene Collection

Product Code : 597


Trio of Black Teas - 3 x 100g Loose Leaf Caddies from English Scene Collection

We're bringing a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with the English Scene Collection Trio. Three of our finest, quintessentially British blends are presented in three equally elegant British caddies.

    It features:
  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • English Tea No. 1

Refresh and re-energise with a bold English Breakfast, aromatic Earl Grey or a delicately uplifting English Tea No. 1.

Our Tea Masters select the finest teas from India, Africa and Sri Lanka to craft these blends. Our English Breakfast is a bold and satisfying classic, rich in malty second-flush Assam (the leaves picked at the peak of their growing season), plus rounded Kenyan and brisk Ceylon notes. It’s an energising brew to kick-start any day, at its best with a splash of milk and a full English breakfast.

Our special signature bergamot flavouring gives our Earl Grey tea its delicious citrusy edge. Crafted with a high proportion of quality Kenyan tea in the blend, this brew has a wonderfully fragrant, sophisticated character. Served with a slice of lemon or a splash of milk, it’s guaranteed to soothe and uplift in equal measure.

The same bergamot flavouring lends a delicate floral note to our English Tea No. 1 tea. A balanced blend of Kenyan, Assam and high-grown Ceylon teas (those picked from Sri Lanka’s higher altitude tea garden – where the island’s best teas are found), this is a uniquely refreshing amber infusion.

In each caddy, the tea leaves are foil-wrapped, so you can be sure of a fresh and flavourful brew. Drink our Earl Grey and English Tea No. 1 with a slice of lemon for a zesty, uplifting afternoon brew. Alternatively, enjoy each blend in true British style: with a splash of milk and a cheeky biscuit or two. There’s nothing quite as satisfying.

Our English Scene Collection Trio features three attractive Ahmad Tea-green metal caddies, each filled with 100 grams (g) of loose leaf tea. Each caddy is decorated with a painting of London’s grandest landmarks – an appropriate choice for the fine British blends within. Carlo Bossoli's famous painting of Hyde Park adorns the English Breakfast caddy, while Thomas Picken's "The New Houses of Parliament" features on the Earl Grey. The colourful "Opening of Tower Bridge" by William Lionel Wyllie completes the set on the English Tea No. 1. The caddies make a special gift for lovers of tea any time of year.

English Breakfast: Black tea

Earl Grey Black tea flavoured with a high dose of bergamot

English Tea No. 1: Black tea with a slight touch of bergamot


English Breakfast: Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya

Earl Grey: Malawi, Kenya

English Tea No. 1: Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.

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