Classical Selection of 6 Black Teas - 60 Teabags

Product Code : 105


Classical Selection of 6 Black Teas - 60 Teabags

Product Code : 105


Classical Selection of 6 Black Teas - 60 Teabags

Our Classical Selection is the ultimate set for black tea lovers. A diverse collection of our finest and most celebrated blends, it’s the perfect introduction to the quality tea we're famed for. Featuring a broad range of black tea styles, this selection takes your taste buds on a voyage of discovery, from the gardens of Assam to the slopes of Sri Lanka, the sun-drenched foothills of Kenya to exotic spice markets.

  • This collection includes:
  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • English Tea No. 1
  • Ceylon
  • Darjeeling
  • Decaffeinated Evening Tea


Our English Breakfast is the quintessential British brew: a rich and malty blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas. We use a high proportion of second-flush Assam (leaves picked at the peak of their quality) to give this tea its depth and complexity. It’s the perfect anytime brew, at its best with milk and a full English breakfast.

Our Great Taste Award-winning Earl Grey includes a high proportion of quality Kenyan leaves to give it a balanced and rounded flavour. This is the perfect backdrop for our exclusive bergamot flavouring, which gives an exotic citrusy twist and creates a truly sophisticated brew.

Also a Great Taste winner, our English Tea No.1 is even more delicately fragrant. Alongside Assam and Kenyan, the blend features high-grown Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka’s central hills – where the island’s finest gardens are found. The gives the brew a lively freshness, which we enhance with a touch of our citrusy bergamot flavouring.

And if citrus is your thing, you’ll love our Ceylon tea. Blending quality low-grown teas with medium-grown, it offers a perfect balance of strength and zestiness. Enjoy with a slice of lemon, serve strong with a splash of milk, or use as a base for iced tea.

Our Tea Masters blend Darjeeling teas from different seasons. The first flush (harvest) is picked in the springtime, when the young leaves have a fresh, floral character. This is then balanced with teas from the second flush, picked in early summer. By now the leaves are more mature, giving the brew its richer notes, often said to resemble Muscat grapes.

Our Evening Decaffeinated Tea completes the collection. This full-flavoured blend features black teas that have been decaffeinated with a harmless solvent-wash process. We favour this as it retains the tea’s natural character. Delicately scented with our bergamot flavouring, this is a lovely balanced brew, perfect for sipping any time of day – even before bed, when only a quality black tea will do!

There are 10 bags of each tea in this collection, presented in six individual boxes, each featuring classic British artworks showing famous English scenes. The teabags are individually foil-wrapped to lock in the teas’ naturally fresh flavours. This ensures every brew tastes as good as it should, and makes it more convenient for you. And it’s all presented in a smart gold-coloured selection box – making it the ideal gift for your favourite black tea lover.

English Breakfast: Black tea

Earl Grey: Black tea flavoured with a high dose of bergamot

English Tea No. 1: Black tea flavoured with a slight touch of bergamot

Ceylon: Black tea

Cardamom: Black tea, Cardamom flavouring

Evening Tea Decaffeinated: Black tea, Bergamot flavouring


English Breakfast: Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya

Earl Grey: Malawi, Kenya

English Tea No. 1: Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya

Ceylon: Sri Lanka

Cardamom: Sri Lanka, Malawi, Kenya

Evening Tea Decaffeinated: Kenya

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.