Taste of London Collection of 4 Black, Fruit & Green Teas - 40 Teabags

Product Code : 1676


Taste of London Collection of 4 Black, Fruit & Green Teas - 40 Teabags

Product Code : 1676


Taste of London Collection of 4 Black, Fruit & Green Teas - 40 Teabags

This item has a Best Before Date of 21.08.2022.

London is a vivacious, exciting city, so we designed our Taste of London selection to match. Combining both style and substance, we’ve used bright colours and bold graphics to create a playful capsule for these four exceptional blends. It’s the perfect gift for fun-loving tea fans.

      Selection includes:
    • English Breakfast
    • Earl Grey
    • Green Tea Pure
    • Peach & Passion Fruit


    Our expert Tea Masters have perfected our English Breakfast and Earl Grey blends over many years. We believe you can’t experience a true ‘taste of London’ without trying these two classic British brews. Our English Breakfast is everything you’d hope for - a rich and comforting fusion of malty Assam, brisk Ceylon and robust Kenyan teas. We add our own signature bergamot flavouring to a similar black tea blend to create our sophisticated Earl Grey. This one’s so good it even won a Great Taste award! The judges praised the tea for its balance, singling it out as ‘a sound example of a strong Earl Grey.’

    If a fruitier brew takes your fancy, the Peach & Passion Fruit tea is a wonderfully uplifting infusion. We give rich African black teas an exotic transformation by adding real fruit pieces and our unique fruit flavourings. It’s one of our most popular flavoured teas worldwide and is equally delicious enjoyed hot or cold. For those days when you’d like a lighter infusion, our Green Tea Pure is an all-time classic. A blend of fine Chinese green teas, it includes premium Chun Mee leaf to add a sweet, nutty character. Rounded and grassy, it’s the perfect cuppa anytime a little restoration is required, rich in antioxidants to make an especially beneficial brew.

    You’ll find 10 teabags of each blend inside the box, each individually foil-wrapped for freshness. This means you’ll enjoy 40 exceedingly good cups of tea. The stylish box showcases bright colours and iconic London sights, capturing a true essence of London. Enjoy a mug of any of these teas for a mid-morning mood boost or sip them from a cup and saucer for a little afternoon elegance. It’s an English tradition to drink tea daily, which makes this selection a very suitable souvenir for yourself or someone special.

    English Breakfast: Black tea

    Earl Grey: Black tea flavoured with a high dose of bergamot

    Green Tea Pure: Green tea

    Peach & Passion Fruit: Black tea, Peach & passion fruit flavouring, Peach, Passion fruit


    English Breakfast: Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya

    Earl Grey: Malawi, Kenya

    Green Tea Pure: China’s Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces - known as the ‘Golden Triangle’

    Peach & Passion Fruit: Malawi, Kenya

    *Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.

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